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San Antonio Commercial Relocation Services and Solutions

When it comes to commercial moving and relocation services, Moving Company is the industry leader in San Antonio and its many surrounding communities.  Our highly experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled movers are committed to providing superior customer service by exceeding your relocation expectations and needs.  When you hire us to handle all of your commercial moving and storage needs, you can be assured and confident that the job will be completed on time and on budget.  No matter how complex or difficult your business move may be, we guarantee your satisfaction.

How do commercial relocations differ from household moving?

Although commercial moving and residential moving both involve transporting furniture and other items from Point A to Point B, that is where any similarities between these two types of relocation services end.  There are a number of ways that the commercial moving services offered by Moving Company differs from our residential relocation services.  The following will give you an idea of how commercial relocations differ from household moving:

  • Commercial relocations require considerably more planning and preparation – while residential moves can be relatively simple in nature, commercial relocations require more planning and preparation. As a business owner, it’s important to choose a moving date that limits the amount of disruption to your daily operations.  Plus you have to be concerned about the loss of productivity.
  • Commercial relocations involve transporting electronic equipment – residential movers typically transport computers, stereo equipment, TV’s, and other valuables. On the other handle, commercial moving involves transporting a broad range of electronic equipment such as:
  1. copiers
  2. fax machines
  3. printers
  4. scanners
  5. telephones


  • Since business owners and employees rely on these different electronics, Moving Company provides special care and handling when transporting these fragile yet highly valuable items.
  • Commercial relocations often involve transporting sensitive materials – unlike residential moves, commercial moving may involve transporting highly sensitive documents and other materials such as employee records, internal accounts, etc. Most businesses also have computer systems that have valuable data stored on them.  So, commercial movers must be skilled in the protection of that data as well.

The commercial moving team at Moving Company has been skillfully trained in all facets of these types of moves and can move your furniture and office equipment to your new location quickly and efficiently.  We are fully insured should any damage of loss occur – something else that should provide you with the peace of mind you deserve as a business owner.

What types of businesses do we move?

Our professional commercial moving team has years of experience and expertise in moving all sizes and types of businesses.  We have the equipment and resources to move anything from small retail stores to large corporate offices or industrial complexes.  Since starting our company, we have experience moving a wide range of businesses that include but aren’t limited to:

  • corporate offices
  • retail stores
  • legal firms
  • cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants
  • doctor’s offices
  • banks
  • government agencies

If you don’t see your particular type of business listed above, don’t worry, e-mail us or give us a call and we will help you develop a moving plan for your company. And if youa re worried about moving during the Covid-19 pandemic, you can be sure that we take care of all safety protocols. All mandatory tests and health checks have been completed on our staff. They wear masks and use sanitizers as required.

What are the benefits of hiring our commercial moving team?

If you’re planning on relocating your business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different tasks that need to be managed during the moving process.  In addition to these issues, you have to remain focused on the most important of all – keeping the business running with the least number of interruptions possible.  This is why it’s so important to hire a commercial moving team from the Moving Company.  Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring our services:

  • We guarantee that your office equipment and furniture is moved safely and securely
  • We’ll minimize the amount of disruption to your business and the loss of productivity that occurs (you’ll be amazed at how cost-effective our commercial moving services and solutions really are).
  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing that every one of your items arrives at your new office location in the same condition as when we loaded it onto our trucks.

It’s just that simple.  For more information about our commercial moving services, call the Moving Company at (888)274-6162 today.  Or, if you like, you can always e-mail us a message at business representatives are available for your assistance. Call now!