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San Antonio Expert Residential Moving Services

When Moving Company opened their business in San Antonio, they did so to fill a particular need that many individuals had – namely a quality residential mover’s service with a reputation for providing superior customer service.  And just has the city has expanded and grown we have, too thanks to hundreds of former clients.  Whether you’re moving from Balcones Heights to Highland Hills or Lackland Terrace to Mission del Lago, our team of moving and relocation specialists will make your move a stress-free, pleasant experience.

What should you expect when working with our company?

No one ever looks forward to moving, even if they’re only relocating two or three blocks up the street.  However, working with a full-service moving team like the Moving Company residential movers will make the transition considerably easier.  So, how can a full-service moving company streamline the relocation process? By providing an extensive range of moving services that go above and beyond the basics.  As your full-service moving partner, we can provide the following services upon request:

  • all moving materials and packing supplies (e.g. boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and packing tape as well as furniture blankets and moving pads)
  • disassembly of all large, bulky furniture items; reassembly of these items at your new home
  • packing assistance with your personal belongings; help unpacking at your new home
  • loading our moving truck, transporting your furniture and belongings to your new location, and unloading your items upon arriving at their final destination
  • help with the clean-up afterward including the removal and disposal of all used moving materials and related debris

As you can see, we’ll handle just about everything associated with your move.  Unlike other moving companies that provide the basic loading, transporting, and unloading services, the residential movers of Moving Company do it all.

What separates our residential moving services from other companies?

When you’re moving your family and your belongings, you want to hire a moving company that is reputable and trustworthy.  No matter how complex or how simple your move might be, it just makes sense to have a team of qualified and skillfully trained professionals on your side.  So what is it that separates our residential moving team from other companies? It’s our personalized approach to household relocations.  You can always be assured that our team of residential movers will be polite, professional, and punctual when they tackle your moving needs.

How do residential moves differ from commercial relocations?

Aside from the fact that you’re moving a single household and not an entire office or other commercial property, residential moving is far less complicated.  In addition to furniture items and other personal belongings, there may be certain electronics (TV’s, DVD players, computers, etc.).  However, there are certain challenges that the Moving Company is not confronted with in commercial moves such as moving fragile and valuable pieces such as antiques, pianos, or safes.

On the other hand, commercial moves require much more planning and preparation compared to residential moves.  Furthermore, office furniture is different from home furniture in that more disassembly and reassembly is required.  Plus, there are different types of electronics and cumbersome office equipment to deal with.  Finally, many companies require us to transport personal, sensitive materials, something residential movers are rarely asked to do.

How much do local residential moves cost in San Antonio?

Despite the cost involved when hiring the Moving Company, you can’t put a price on the convenience and efficiency that professional movers provide.  That being said, the following are average local residential moving costs for the greater San Antonio area:

Home size # of movers 2 hr. base cost Cost per hour Number of hours Average total cost
Studio 2 $280 $50/hr. 3 hours $300
1 BR 2 $280 $50/hr. 4 hours $400
2 BR 3 $350 $64/hr. 6 hours $600
3 BR 4 $435 $82/hr. 7 hours $850
4 BR 4 $435 $82/hr. 9 hours $1,000
5 BR + 2 $545 $105/hr. 12 hours $1,600


Just keep in mind that these prices are based on historical data and national industry averages.  The time of year will also influence the cost of your move.

What Precautions Are We Taking For Moving During Covid-19?

Even prior to Covid-19, our company was always concerned about client or customer safety. We have doubled up on our efforts to make hiring us as your moving specialists as safe as possible. As part of precautions for moving during Covid-19 pandemic, we ask our customers to do the following:

  • Refrain from participating in the move
  • Keep a 6-foot distance from our crew as they work.
  • Disinfect your furniture and high touch surfaces before the movers arrive.

To learn more about our residential mover’s services hourly charge, contact the Moving Company at (888) 274-6162 today.