Have questions? Listed below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their respective answers about our packing and moving services San Antonio TX. Have a look at them:

How can I ensure my boxes don’t get opened after or during packing?

To ensure your boxes aren’t opened after packing, our San Antonio moving company recommends you to tape them properly from top to bottom. Also, you can label them with colored markers to ensure your boxes don’t get opened during the moving process. The professionals at sanantoniomovingcompany.net Moving Company are well-trained to carry out their job ethically and they never tamper with the boxes or packed stuff.

How should we label our boxes?

You can label each box according to the contents it contains. For instance: You can label your box containing fragile items by writing down FRAGILE on each side of the box. Other useful information can also be added like loading info.

What should we use to help keep our fragile items safe?

You can use packing papers instead of newspaper to pack fragile items. This is because newspapers can leak its ink which can damage your valuable items. So, it is better to you use household items like towels and linens or professional packing supplies like bubble wrap for wrapping your fragile possessions. To cushion breakable items inside the boxes, using void fillers is also a good idea.

Where should we put our packed boxes?

You can store or put your packed boxes in a confined area like an empty closet, garage, or basement. This will help you avoid any misplacement or confusion during the moving process.

What should we do with our antiques?

Well, antiques are undoubtedly your most valuable possessions. So, it is important to give them special care during the packing and moving process. You can keep them safe with a climate-controlled storage unit with the movers in San Antonio.

What is the best time to rent storage space?

It is advised by many moving companies in San Antonio to rent your storage unit at least 1-3 months in advance. This is because storage spaces can fill up quickly and that can be a trouble in the time of your need.

Should we empty our dresser drawers before moving?

Although it is not really necessary, you can empty your dresser drawers to make sure no delicate items are left. You can use bubble wrap, linens, or towels to adequately protect these delicate items from damage.

How to pack our unique items and tools?

The key to successful packing is organizing things in the right and manageable manner. You can bundle your unique items and tools together to keep them safe and findable. For instance: keep your gardening tools along with your repairing equipment.

How to pack our easily breakable items?

Packing breakable items is a crucial part of the packing process. Our experts of packing services in San Antonio suggests to pack them in an abundance of bubble wrap, clothes, linens, void fills, and other soft materials. This will keep them safe and cushioned during your move.

What is the best way to pack mirrors and glass items?

Possessions such as mirrors, picture frames, and other glass items need extra care. According to the experts’ advice, use blankets, towels, or linens for packing such breakable glass items.

Where should I pack my jewelry?

It is extremely important to pack and move jewelry by yourself. Use handy briefcases or lockers to pack and move it.

Should we empty our file cabinet?

Before moving file cabinets, you should empty them. This is because file cabinets are heavy and inefficient to move, especially when they are loaded with items.

We have flammable materials, will you move those also?

Safety is our prime concern. This is why our San Antonio moving company doesn’t move dangerous or flammable items. We can move possibly everything for you.

How to prepare for cleaning after the move is done?

Pack a box of cleaning supplies and leave it in a specific place, for instance: under the sink. This way you can clean after all the items including furniture and appliances are out of the house

What should we do about turning off our utility services?

To avoid lapse in service, you should transfer all your utility services in advance. You may want to keep your phone on until moving day for any issues that arise.

How should we change our address?

In order to change your address, you can edit it from your local post office or go to usps.com.

Should we test our appliances after the move is done?

Yes, you should! As one of the prominent local moving companies in San Antonio TX, we advise you to run your appliances to make sure they are functioning properly after moving to your new home

What are the moving services sanantoniomovingcompany.net Movers offers?

Known as one of the most reliable moving companies in San Antonio TX, we focus on catering to your needs. The sanantoniomovingcompany.net offer services including residential moving, commercial moving, moving from one apartment to another, packing and unpacking possessions, and loading and unloading items.