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Is it safe to Move in San Antonio during COVID-19?

As an industry leader, Moving Company understands the difficulties of relocating locally or long-distance.  We also understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has made such a task even more challenging.  When we established our business here in San Antonio, we did so in order to fulfill a need of having a local moving company that understood the true meaning of customer service.  Since then, we have filled that role successfully and watched our company expand just as the city has with its explosive growth the past couple of decades.

Moving services are considered essential so we are allowed to operate as long as precautions for moving during covid-19 are always being followed.

This means that we continue to provide moving and relocation services during a time when more people may need it, since they don’t have the mental energy or physical resources to do a move themselves. Trying to plan a do it yourself move can be especially challenging when group gatherings are reduced and if you’re not allowed to get together in any way with a group of friends.

Why have so many people moved to San Antonio?

In the past decade, over 3 million people have moved to Texas – 225,000 of which moved to San Antonio alone.  Combined with Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, the 5 cities accounted for nearly 1 million of the total 3 million newcomers to Texas.  So why have so many individuals moved to San Antonio? There are several reasons why the city’s residents love living here.  Along with its many amenities and other desirable qualities, San Antonio keeps attracting newcomers for these reasons:

  • Affordable housing market; the $176,000 average home price is 29% lower than the national average
  • Better traffic compared to Dallas and Houston
  • Jobs are easy to find
  • Lower income taxes
  • Picturesque neighborhoods
  • Professional sports
  • Relaxed pace of living
  • San Antonio is steeped in history
  • The city is home to 29 colleges and universities
  • The Mexican food and Tex-Mex cuisine as well as Texas style barbeque

Need we say more? When you’re ready to make the move to San Antonio, Moving Company will be ready to assist in your relocation efforts.

How has COVID-19 impacted the moving industry?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a part of everyone’s lives for over a year now.  Despite things opening up and moving towards “normal” again, every industry has been forced to make changes in the way they operate.  Despite being labeled as an “essential” business, the moving industry is no exception.  As a result, all moving companies including Moving Company are taking measures to fight the spread of the virus.

What are the most important precautions to take when moving in San Antonio during COVID -19?

If you’re considering what important precautions to take when moving in San Antonio during COVID -19, here is what we are doing.  First and foremost, we are requesting that our customers not get involved with us when we are on the job.  It’s best if you isolate yourself from our moving teams so as not to be within that 6’ social distancing barrier.  Furthermore, we suggest that you have everything packed and ready to load by the time we arrive, unless you have requested that we do the packing for you.

We have also implemented “contact minimization” in order to limit how many points of contact there are between you and the Moving Company personnel.  This includes the way in which we determine a cost estimate for your move.  Whereas we used to do an in-home evaluation of what needs to be moved, we are now doing this virtually using video communication tools to give you an estimate of your moving cost.  We realize that this may pose an inconvenience, but we do appreciate your efforts with your precautions to take when moving in San Antonio during COVID -19.

What separates us from our competitors?

We offer some of the most competitive moving rates in the industry today without all the gimmicks and hidden fees that other companies use.  Our moving coordinators are not salespeople working on a commission nor are they trained to over mislead lead you or over-promise in order to get your business.  We explain the entire Moving Company process so there’s no guesswork on your behalf or ours.

Our goal is to ensure that your furniture and belongings arrive safely and securely at your new location while at the same time helping you make a smooth transition into your new home no matter where that may be.


To learn more about the precautions to take when moving in San Antonio during COVID -19, call the Moving Company today at (888) 274-6162 or visit our website to get a FREE quote.