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Moving Labor and why You might need it

Moving can be a difficult if not overwhelming task, whether it’s a long-distance move or you’re just moving a few blocks away from where you currently live.  If you’ve ever had to move before, you already know this.  Every part of the move from the planning and preparation stage to executing and finishing up is emotionally, mentally, and especially physically challenging.  Moving is not only a strain on body, heart, and mind, it can drain the energy right out of you.

How do you go about finding moving labor?

The best option for finding moving labor in San Antonio is to hire a full-service moving company like Moving Company.  As a full-service moving company, we handle every task associated with your move and provide an extensive line of high-quality relocation services for just about any type of move commercial or residential.  On the other hand, if hiring professionals is not something your budget will allow, you may need to consider a DIY move in order to save money.  But what if you still need help with all the heavy lifting? Read on.

What exactly is moving labor?

Professional moving labor is a flexible service that affords you quality help with some of the more difficult moving tasks such as disassembling and lifting heavy pieces of furniture and other belongings.  A team of moving laborers can be hired to help with as little or as much as you need.  In addition to helping with furniture and packing your other belongings, they’ll load and unload the moving truck as well and help with the furniture reassembly and unpacking at your new location.

What are your options where moving labor is concerned?

Just like you can pick and choose the type of moving services you need from the Moving Company, moving labor works in similar fashion.  For instance, if you decided to pack up all your belongings for a DIY move, but you are either physically unable to do the heavy lifting or simply don’t want to, you can hire moving helpers from our company or a company that supplies this type of labor.  These professionals will shoulder your burden and provide all the assistance you require. They work as per custom requirements so you can let them know what you need.

Once you have booked the appropriate help needed, they will come to your home on the pre-agreed day and time to help with whatever you’ve hired them to do.  If you’re going to be moving locally here in San Antonio and make the proper arrangements, the same moving labor team will assist with the unloading at your new location as well.  If on the other hand, you’re moving long-distance, you’ll have to make arrangements in the new area that you’ll be living in.

What are the benefits of hiring moving labor?

The greatest advantage to hiring this type of labor is that it allows you to choose only those moving and relocation services that you need or want.  But then again, you’ll get the same service by hiring a full-service moving company like Moving Company.  There are 4 important benefits when it comes to hiring moving labor:

  • Your belongings will be handled by skillfully trained professionals who will ensure that your items will be safe and secure in transit.
  • You’ll still have complete control over the entire moving process.
  • You’ll get exactly the moving services you need – nothing more, nothing less.
  • You’ll be getting the greatest value for the money invested.
  • Most importantly, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of effort, strain, and stress.

This will not only enable you to take a breather once in a while and relax, you’ll be able to focus on some of the other more important aspects of your move. We will shoulder the responsibility of the move and ensure that all aspects of your relocation are handled professionally.

How much does it cost to hire moving labor only?

Historical industry data and national averages show that moving labor averages between $50 and $70 per hour depending on where you’re located.  Based on this information, it would take a couple of hours to move a small apartment, meaning a cost of between $150 and $200 overall (includes, loading, unloading, and transporting).  So, a 2-bedroom apartment or home would require 3 moving laborers and 5 to 6 hours of work.  That would cost $350 to $400. Thus, the cost varies as per the size of the house/business and the state where you are and moving to.


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